Update to all our valued customers

As of November 2018 Teldata Communications and Linktel Communications were aquired by Meridian Technical Services please come visit us at OUR NEW WEBSITE for all your communications needs!

What We Do

Teldata Communications is the Midwest's only fully authorized Toshiba business telephone dealer. We provide sales, service, installation, and training on Toshiba business telephone and voice processing systems. We are proud to have received both the Toshiba Samurai (highest sales telephone dealership in Canada) and Toshiba Master Service awards. Teldata Communications is also a fully authorized dealer for Commscope "Systimax" structured cabling systems. We have a VAR (value added reseller) status with Commscope "Systimax," which put us in an elite group of certified cabling professionals.

Teldata Communications is pleased to have approximately 400 satisfied Toshiba business telephone system customers in the Midwest region. Our customers range from small businesses to large healthcare facilities, banks, and industrial plants. Computer system analysts can attest to Teldata's record of completely error free network cabling installations.

Teldata Communications is committed to excellence in the communication industry and is currently the leader in our trading area.