What We Offer

Business Phone Systems

Teldata Communications is the Midwest's only fully authorized Toshiba telephone dealer. We provide sales, service, installation, and training on Toshiba business telephone and voice processing systems.

Your telephone is your connection to the world. To be effective, you need the latest technology at your finger tips. Toshiba phone systems let you start small and add on as your business grows. You will have a variety of options and features that can be accessed at the push of a button.

Selecting a phone system can be a difficult task, as it is the foundation of your business communication network. Teldata has experienced technicians that can work with employers' employees to select the correct phone system and options available. Whether for a single employee, or a company with hundreds of employees, we will help you find the right system solution and options for your business.

VoIP & IP Phones

Toshiba VoIP gives you the power to do more! Toshiba business telephones and consoles are designed to function effectively in a universal workplace environment.

Our products are focused on VoIP business communication solutions, including award winning IP telephone systems, video collaboration tools, call centre applications, and custom productivity applications. Toshiba solutions enable employers and employees wherever they are to work as a single, unified team on the same enterprise wide telephone system.

Digital Telephones

Toshiba digital speakerphones are designed to provide options and features so your business telephone equipment works for you.

Cordless Telephones

Share the same station port and extension number with your digital desk phone, enabling the flexibility of communication functions required.

CIX Attendant Console

High volume call processing for call centres.

Computer Network & Data Systems

Teldata Communications knows how confusing designing a network can be. That is why our technicians will assist you in the design and layout of your data and voice cabling system, tailoring it to your exact needs for current and future requirements. We offer professional cable installations for both data and voice communications with complete testing and documentation at the completion of the installation. Teldata Communications will also offer solutions to your existing network infrastructure.

Teldata Communications offers a variety of Structured Cabling services, and solutions. Click below to get more information or if you would like to Talk with a technician click here and we will be happy to discuss with you how we can assist you whether you are expanding your home office, or if you are building a whole new office building we have the solutions for you!

Voice and Data Cabling

Teldata Communications offers professional cable installations. Whether its in your home, business, or central office, we have the experience to make it happen. Every structured cabling system is unique. There are variations due to building structure, varying cable and connection products, the function of the cable being installed, the types of equipment, and the configuration of an existing installed system. Teldata Communications will work with you to get the best solution for your business.

Cat5 Cat5e and Cat6 Verifications and Certifications

Teldata Communications verifies all cabling installations. Teldata Communications also has cable certification test equipment to test cables and print out certification reports that can be supplied to your IT department or central office to certify that the cable was terminated correctly, and that each cable will perform to the manufacturer's specifications.

Fibre Optics

Teldata Communications offers fibre optic cabling and field termination and testing of single and multi-mode fibre optic cable.

RF Systems Installation & Maintenance

Wireless RF and WiMAX Solutions

Teldata Communications employs professional and knowledgeable staff that can extend your network interconnections through wireless technology to communicate to and from other locations in your yard, or even other work sites in the field. Teldata Communications provides a full line of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, zipline bridges, and WiMAX solutions, to provide business and employees the wireless edge.

Telco Base Station Installation and Maintenance

Teldata Communications has experienced telco technicians which makes us capable of telco, central office, and carrier grade installations. Our technicians are familiar with Bell, Telus, Axia, and Rogers installation standards. We can effectively install and commission microwave equipment, as well as other base station equipment.

Tower Construction and Maintenance

At Teldata Communications, we have access to experienced tower rigging and inspection crews available for tower inspection, installation of trylon, titan, and other self support towers, as well as installation of RF antenna systems, cabling, and microwave radios. Our crews have worked with 4G LTE, HSPA overlays, 3rd and 4th carrier add ons, sectorization and more!

Wireless & Remote Office Connectivity

Wireless is the future of communication. With tablets and cellular phones everywhere in the workplace, it is essential for people to have available wireless coverage around them at all times.

Teldata Communications has experienced technicians to help you find solutions to your wireless needs. Teldata offers a wide variety of wireless Wi-Fi and RF systems to keep you and your customers online.

Cellular Solutions

Teldata Communications works with a variety of cellular boosters to enhance the cell coverage of your business. Whether its in building attenuation due to a tin shop, or lack of cell coverage due to poor network coverage at your work site, we will have a solution for you!

Wi-Fi Solutions

Teldata Communications can help bring your business into the wireless age with a variety of Wi-Fi solutions on the market today. We have the ability to map your current Wi-Fi coverage areas and provide solutions to increase your Wi-Fi coverage.

Satellite Solutions

Teldata Communications offers satellite Internet connection solutions for remote offices, rig sites, rigless sites, or other remote work locations. This way, the head office can receive important documentation, or you can video chat with your family while you are abroad.

Smart Hands and Feet

Smart Hands and Feet are essentially an experienced field technician on site with the ability to talk the same language as the product support specialists, or system engineers, or remote IT companies. We assist them in troubleshooting their local equipment.

Over the years at Teldata Communications, we have worked with a number of IT companies from across Canada and the United States. Who have found it very beneficial to their organization to deploy a Teldata technician to help them troubleshoot local problems remotely, by letting Teldata be their hands and feet.

Teldata Communications has over 15 years of experience in the ever changing technology world. Over the past few years, we have worked with or been around all types of communications equipment, and being a division of Harris Electric, we have experience with electrical and instrumentation equipment as well. We can provide your head office with the local field support they need to competently troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.